Learn How To Go From Burnout to Live With Purpose

Learn how to ask deep questions and begin your journey of Inner Healing. Create a new future and Find Your Purpose within 90 days. Begin your journey to Live With Purpose only with the power of your mind 

Over 21,000 hours of testing has been used in designing the Purpose Compass System .


Hi! I'm Rahul George...

I geek out on personal transformation. My mission is to help a million mid-life professionals like you to go from Burnout to Find Your Purpose & ultimately Live With Purpose. I have been on this path of personal development for over 2 decades & it's my blessing to be your personal guide- let's experience the magic of this world as we transform lives together! 

My Mission

Purpose Compass Journey

My mission is to work with and help a million mid-life professionals like you to go from Burnout to Find Your Purpose & Live With Purpose for the rest of your life.

My Expertise

Purpose Compass Guide

I devoted 17 years of my life creating the Purpose Compass System.


I want to help others go from Burnout to Live With Purpose.

My Community

Purpose Compass Hub

I founded Purpose Compass Hub to help you connect with likeminded people who are searching for Purpose . We welcome members from across the globe!


Purpose Compass Hub

Members in our community come from different backgrounds with a common goal of letting go of Burnout. 

Find Your Purpose is the mantra that helps them finally connect within. 

Members are now making the journey to Live With Purpose for the rest of their lives. 

Step 1


Inner awarness is the way to gain acces to you. Isolate unsupporting beliefs & attitudes learnt in childhood.  

Inner Healing creates letting go of the past making room for you to access your energy fully 

Step 2


Learn & use proven methods and techniques of Hypnosis to find life changing solutions. Create a reimagined future and take practical steps to be able to live this new future in every area of your life

Step 3


Create a community and build your tribe of people. Living With Purpose now for the rest of your life. Come embrace your Purpose Compass.


Simple Process to Get Started

We have various membership levels to cater to your needs. Attend my next Masterclass to learn more and then get started on your journey to Live With Purpose

Purpose Compass Journey


Embark - 30 Day Base Camp

Immersion - 90-Day iHypnosys 

Weekly Community Coaching

Peer Accountability System

Support Forum

Progress Templates

Renewal Subscription

Purpose Compass


6 Month Personalised Coaching Program 

Weekly One on One Audits

Advanced Accounability System

Advanced Group Coaching

Priority Support

Bi-Annual Subscription


Backed by an ever growing community

This community is built with intentionality & love! Our focus is to help you magnetise your world.

Meeting Rahul and talking to him was a sheer chance.

I was still very vulnerable and still had many self-esteem issues. A lot of self-doubt and anxiety when it came to dealing with my Ex. Parenting seemed a huge uphill task and was blaming myself for a lot of things that had gone wrong. 

Today, I am brimming with joy and confidence. I am truly happy and it is so clearly visible to people who have known before my .

I can say without a doubt that working with Rahul was Wonderful every step of the way . I wish I had listened to my sister earlier….I am so glad I trusted him and the process . The results are joy , bliss and whole lot of gratitude to the universe!! 

Thankyou Rahul for being there , guiding me every step of the way . 

I would defintiely recommend the iHypnosys System anyone for getting life-changin benefits.

Sarita Basrur

Upcycle Designer

I have known Rahul for almost a year now. One particular day I was struggling with doubt and I had the urge to call Rahul up and ask him. 

I lost my job during Covid. I was a hospitality and travel industry professional before that. 

I am an entrepreneur now. 

Rahul asked me some very deep questions which really made me think and feel - the limitations were only in my mind! My mind really really opened and cleared up post his session. 

I dress the way I used to, the sessions take place in a beautiful green resort. It now feels as if I am enjoying the best of both worlds, and it feels I am living my dream life! 

Thank you, Rahul, for bringing me to this space. I really wish I knew about this earlier! Deep gratitude to you!! 

I would recommend Rahul to everyone for getting the benefits of the iHypnosys System.

Sunmeet Taluja Marwaha

Co Founder Natuur

I am taking ihypnosys coaching from Rahul George since more than 2 years

It's a beautiful phase of my life where I am uncovering hidden facets of my inner self. 

Overcoming my Self-doubts and deep Fears, New levels of understanding with my Spouse..Family and relatives, Huge progress in my Business and connecting to clients who resonate with me, having Abundance Mindset and Fulfillment .. These are the direct effects of my Learnings and experiences of hypnosis with Rahul Ji

The best thing for me is there are no readymade answers given by Rahul rather he guides me to find my own answers and they will always be right for me. 

Thankyou Rahul Ji🙏🙂

Veena BK

Coach & Healer

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